Internet addiction is now so common it has multiple names; Internet Addiction Disorder, Compulsive Internet Use (CIU), Problematic Internet Use (PIU) and most quizzical of all of them iDisorder. (It seems to me that if we want the cool kids to get this we should call it iDisorder.) It is a first world problem with an amazing 8.2% of the population affected in some way. Symptoms Not

What to Know About the Worldwide Hacker Group ‘Anonymous Mar 19, 2016 Internet Web Browsing Anonymous – Anonymity in Web Surfing Anonymous mean is unspecified. Anonymous web browsing gives you privacy on the Internet. An anonymity network allows users to access the Internet fearless, without blocking, monitoring and tracing of their individuality on the Internet. And anonymity enforce to users roam around the internet without showing their identity.

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Internet addiction is a relatively new mental health concern, considering worldwide Internet use increased by 1,000% between the years 2000 and 2015. Evidence suggests Internet addiction is most prevalent among males, people with higher income, and those who exhibit certain psychosocial traits like neuroticism, impulsivity, and loneliness.

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