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May 12, 2016 Always On VPN features | Microsoft Docs Support for both IPv4 and IPv6. With Always On VPN, users can access both IPv4 and IPv6 resources on the corporate network. The Always On VPN client uses a dual-stack approach that doesn't specifically depend on IPv6 or the need for the VPN gateway to provide NAT64 or DNS64 translation services. Support for two-factor or OTP authentication. IPv6 – OpenVPN Community Jun 01, 2016 How to Easily Fix Every VPN IP Leak: DNS, IPv6, WebRTC

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IPv6. Is It Messing Things Up for You? Your VPN doesn't work. This is a real problem for the VPN services that offer secure browsing—IPv6 isn't working at all or isn't working as well. There are plenty of reports of VPN "leakage," which means that data being transmitted over wireless networks isn't staying as secure and "hacker proof" as it …

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What It Does: This configuration example will enable IPv6 over the VPN and assign an address to your VPN clients. It will then setup a split tunnel for IPv6 to tunnel over only the 1::1/64 network (which isn’t used). This tells the VPN client to exclude all other IPv6 traffic from the tunnel, allowing the PC to use the local internet for IPv6. More and more services on the internet support IPv6. This new IP standard will become more important in the near future since the number of available IPv4 addresses is limited.