Most browsers won't download torrents natively, so you'll need a specialist torrent client to help - here are eight of the best torrent clients around. Then check out 9 Best Free Antivirus Suites for Windows. A version of this post originally appeared on TechRadar's Downloads Channel: Best torrent client: 8 we recommend. Tags: microsoft windows

Mar 14, 2020 qBittorrent torrent client review | TechRadar qBittorrent is a free and open source torrent client that helps users download content off the internet. It is one of the very few torrent clients that offers a minimalist and ad-free user 9 Best Alternatives to uTorrent for Windows in 2020

There was a time when μTorrent would have been on top of my list. Sadly, many things had changed for this tiny torrent client created in 2005, which went from open-source to close source when BitTorrent purchased it. But despite its few cons, it’s still one of the best torrent clients for Windows…

The 10 Best Torrent Clients For Windows 10 [March 2020]

Download Tixati 2.67 BitTorrent Client 64+32 Bit Offline

BitComet is not only a torrent client. It is also used to download other files as well. In fact, it is considered among the best download managers for windows mainly because of its best of both world’s capability. BitComet has all the features of normal and torrent downloader. And also has some additional features in it such as long-term seeding.