Shutting your computer down ‘remotely’ can come in handy at times. There are times when you are in a rush and shutting down your system is too much of a hassle. But before we get to how you can remote control your PC, here are the basics that you need to know first.

Remote Restart Windows Server 2008 | Reboot Shutdown -r Jan 27, 2002 Remotely shut down your Mac | Macworld shutdown now: Shuts down the system immediately. man shutdownsudosudo shutdown now. Just remotely login from another Mac and use this command to shut the machine down in a safe manner.

If the PV system is connected on the line side of the service disconnecting means, and both the attic switch and the dc switch at the inverter are remotely activated upon loss of ac power, then the ac PV system disconnecting means, adjacent to the service disconnecting means, could be used as the rapid shutdown initiator.

5 Ways to Remotely Shutdown a Computer - wikiHow Apr 02, 2020

MS-DOS and Windows command line shutdown command

How to Reboot or Shutdown a Remote Computer | NetworkProGuide Sep 07, 2018 Remote Vehicle Shutdown Auto Technology | CarTrade Blog In 2014, the remote vehicle shutdown or starter interrupter devices were installed on about 2 million vehicles in the U.S. This system can be activated from a mobile phone application. Rapid Shutdown of PV Systems - IAEI Magazine