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Amount IPv4 IPv4 ⥂ IPv6 IPv6 ⥂ IPv4 IPv6 Bandwith Per Proxy Get Started; DEDICATED: 5 - 49: Unmetered: $1.30: Order Now : 50 - 99: Unmetered: $1.20: Order Now : 100 - 199 How We Chose the Best Residential Proxy Providers. At the beginning of the year, we ran a proxy market research. There, we consulted 191 experts across 6 verticals. Then, we tested the 9 largest residential proxy providers for 2 months. Jul 10, 2020 · Cheap proxies can come in the form of semi-dedicated or dedicated private proxy. When you use dedicated proxies, you will surely have the luxury of being the one and only use but when you use semi-dedicated proxies, you will have to share with people.