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How To Block an I.P Address From Accessing Your Website The easiest way to block access to your website or blog is by using the IP Deny manager in cPanel. What is an IP Address? IP stands for Internet Protocol and contains your host address and location (address). There are generally 2 types of IP addresses. Static (an IP address which stays the same) and Dynamic (an IP address which changes). How to deny or block Mac Address access internet Give a static ip to certain mac address and block that ip-address. I have setup a dhcp reservation on the router for the same purpose. Both these methods have a drawback though, it is that if the user has admin rights on his computer he can assign the computer another static ip and bypass the blocked ip. Linux Iptables Block Outgoing Access To Selected or Jun 26, 2005

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can i block a specific IP using the host files? | Wilders Feb 21, 2011 c# - Best way to restrict access by IP address? - Stack If you want to grant access to all clients by default but exclude a specific list of clients, click Granted Access. To update the list of hosts or domains in the Except list, click Add. To add a single computer to the list, click Single computer, type the IP address in the appropriate box, and then click OK.

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Note: Be sure to ALLOW the MAC address for the device you are currently using. Also be sure not to DENY the MAC Address you are currently using. You could leave yourself without internet access and have to perform a factory reset on the router. Select the “Add MAC Address” button. Type the MAC Address using a colon or dash every two characters. IP address blocking in ASP.NET - CodeProject