The drivers for my wireless card SUCKED under Windows and are ROCK SOLID under Linux. I backed up all of my prized pix and vidz one day and ran a Boot and Nuke program to wipe all traces of filesystems and data off my hard drive. In short, my disk drive was factory fresh. Then I inserted my Linux Mint install DVD and rebooted.

Connecting Linux Mint to WiFi network - Unix & Linux Stack Applies to: Linux Mint 17.3. Because of an apparent bug, if you're using a Broadcom based WiFi card (such as BCM4321) on this edition of Mint, you need an internet connection already established, either from cable all by using an Atheros based USB Wifi dongle. (E.g. TP-722). How to Configure Wireless on Any Linux Desktop - Nov 10, 2010 How to solve Linux Mint Wi-Fi problems - Updated - Real

How To Reinstall Linux Mint Without Losing Your Data

Jan 15, 2011

Sep 10, 2018

Debian Linux Configure Wireless Networking With WPA2 Jan 15, 2011 Wireless internet not an option after update to Mint 19.3